Vehicle Tracking System Features

How does it work? What is the features of it? All details which you curious about vehicle tracking system. What is the software and device features?

Vehicle Tracking System Features

Meet the technology. Manage your operations with unique features of vehicle tracking system.

What is the features of vehicle tracking system?

It is a GPS positioning product which transfer data via sim card inside of it and communicate via GPS satellites. Vehicle tracking systems are also used products a telemetry products. Data informations which come from the machines in the field are transferred over the devices. For an example, by controlling the temperature, if it exceeds the specified limits, warning notification e-mails can be sent via the system. In addition, communication products which are required for communication between machines can be provided with telemetry (vehicle tracking) devices in the same way. Communication is provided with the vehicle tracking system data line (M2M) products of all vehicle tracking devices.

The prices of the vehicle tracking system with camera vary according to the standard vehicle tracking device prices.

We can examine the features of the vehicle tracking system features under 2 different headings. The vehicle tracking device which you will purchase varies with hardware and software features.

Software Features

Device inputs and outputs

Vehicle tracking devicesVehicle tracking devices have many features. There are digital inputs and outputs through the products. Thanks to this output, receiving different data information from your vehicles is possible. As example, if you want to get information when the hood is opened, you can use one of the outputs. Or, the information about how long the air conditioner of the vehicle is working is controlled by the exit cables on the vehicle tracking system device. It is possible to expand these examples. It is possible to obtain many data information such as vehicle seat belt information, vehicle doors information, tank cover information, and hood information through applications to be made during the installation of the vehicle tracking system.

Can the device you purchase receive data over Canbus?

Offline Data Recording Feature

GPS vehicle tracking system devices are products that can keep data offline. Thanks to the microprocessor inside of the vehicle tracking device, the devices can send data transfer in case of disconnection with the base station. All the historical data information is transferred to the servers when the devices find the base station, although users instantly see the vehicles on their screens that they cannot receive data due to the lack of GSM network.

Offline data is activated in place where sim card error, user intervantion or GSM base station does not receive.

Features to support accessory products

You need to make sure that some products which you buy support accessory products. Some product groups do not support accessory products. For example, it will be an important factor to support vehicle tracking accessory products that can be connected extra such as Engine Blockage, RFID Driver recognition unit or temperature sensor.

GPS and GSM Modules

The main part of GPS tracking devices are GPS and GSM Modules. The GPS module is the key point for devices to communicate with satellite. There are some globally accepted product modules. GPS Modules are the biggest factor in determining the location of the devices. In case the GPS modules are incompatible or there are low-quality products, there will be deviations in the location information obtained from the device. These deviations will not allow you to track the position information of the vehicles correctly.

Software features

Vehicle Tracking System FeaturesWhat is the software features? Software is the interface which users use constantly. By processing on the software the raw data which is coming from Vehicle Tracking Devices, it is presented to users in the most appropriate reporting screens and options. Web and Mobile applications need to provide reports on a simple and easy screen for users to analyze data from vehicles correctly. You can review our Vehicle tracking software screens article for software screens.


Server hosting

It is the area where all data from vehicle tracking devices are stored. Servers need to be configured at high speed and correctly. Server quality constitutes an important building block of the performance you will get from vehicle tracking devices. It is important for the servers to be configured correctly and to be able to carry the entire structure in fictions. In addition, in case the servers fail or broadcasts stop, there must be alternative servers with a structure that can operate on different scenarios.

In case of the errors or interruptions in the main server, broadcasts must be instantly transferred to alternative servers. So, it will be possible to provide uninterrupted service. Storing the servers in server hosting centers against fire, flooding and external factors will increase security. You can get an uninterrupted service thanks to UPS supplies and many system components.

Stable and Steady Software

Vehicle tracking server features

If the vehicle tracking system software is coded correctly, the software will display stable and steady running. Users must be in a structure that they can receive on the reporting screens with the report appropriate to their needs. Vehicle tracking is among the Big Data. The stable operation of the software will ensure that the reports are accurate and consistent.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications, which are more important than Web applications today, have become platforms that users use much more actively in busy business pace. It is important that you can access many different reports such as the take to my vehicle button, animation, daily kilometer report in the Vehicle Tracking System Mobile Application.

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