Battery Vehicle Tracking Device BG-100

G-Sensör ve Bataryalı Araç Takip Cihazı ile
sürücü araç sürüş davranışlarını analiz edin.

Battery Vehicle Tracking System

Ani şerit değiştirme, kalkış ve duruşları raporlayın.
Dahili bataryası ve akıllı yazılımla uzun süreli veri gönderimi sağlayın.


G-Sensör ile sürüş davranışlarınızı analiz edin. Ani durma, ani kalkış, ani şerit değiştirme gibi bir çok veriyi analiz edin.

10.000 Offline Data

8 MB memory, keep 10,000 offline records in places that cannot see a base station.

Internal Battery

Maintain uninterrupted communication with the Internal Battery. Receive data information from devices for a long time with smart sleep mode.

Data Frequency

Automatic data submission feature. Sending data when the angle of the vehicle changes 25 degrees. Instant data sending at street entrances and exits.

Technicial Specifications
  • Dimensions

    70 mm x 93,5 mm x 25 mm

  • Weight

    84 Gr

  • Power source

    6 – 36 VDC

  • Gsm

    Internal Antenna

  • Power consumption

    Stand by mode 80mAh

  • GPS Glonass

    -161 dBm

  • Moisture

    %5 ile %95

  • Location Accuracy

    Less 5 meters

  • Led Indicator

    3 Led Power, Satellite and GSM status

  • Memory

    8 Mb. (10.000 Offline Data)

  • GPS Glonass Anten

    Internal Antenna

  • Interface

    Contact Input, 2x Digital / Analog Input, 1x Serial communication port RS232

  • Operating temperature

    -40 C + 70 C

Battery Vehicle Tracking Device
Track Your Vehicles on All Platforms

Track your vehicles uninterruptedly on all platforms. Analyze the instant location and reports of your vehicles through web and mobile interfaces. Go to the location of your vehicles through the mobile interface, report the daily mileage information.

iOS and Android Mobile Applications

Follow 24/7 from Mobile and Tablet products with different models and options. Be aware of violations made outside of the alarm criteria you have set with notifications.

24/7 Connect on the Web Browser

Ignition on / off notifications, street, satellite map images, daily mileage reports. Track your vehicles on the Web with vehicle movements on the historical map with animation and many more advantages.

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