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If your vehicle is not in a closed area and your vehicle screen is black, you can request technical support from our company.
Accessory products are products developed for companies in different sectors. Accessory products; You can use it together with vehicle tracking devices as engine blocking relay, RFID Driver recognition interface, temperature sensor, door switch, Canbus interface.
If you sell your vehicle, you can remove the vehicle tracking device you purchased from your old vehicle and attach it to your new vehicle. You can get service support from our company regarding this.
Engine stop security kits are vehicle tracking accessory products that allow you to remotely stop your vehicle's engine in case of stolen or unwanted situations.
In case your vehicle is stolen, you can follow your vehicle instantly from the Web and Mobile applications. You can report the last location information to law enforcement or open a temporary user account for law enforcement units.
Yes it does. With the vehicle tracking system, you can prevent excessive fuel consumption caused by speed limit violations, special usage information, driver driving behavior and out of hours vehicle use.
There are 30 or more reporting screens on the Turuncu Vehicle Tracking reporting screens. It can reach many reports such as daily km, total km, waiting, out of hours use, speed limit excesses, ignition on and off reports. You can get EXCEL reports retrospectively.
With tracking systems, your vehicle's speed information, ignition on and off information, waiting times, vehicle direction, route and more. You can access many information via vehicle tracking devices.
You can monitor your vehicle from all platforms with internet access such as PC, laptop, smart phone and tablet. You can watch your vehicles 24/7 by downloading our free application via Google Play and Apple Market with your user name and password assigned to you via
Our products have a 24-month warranty. In case of failure, the devices are changed.
The installation and assembly of vehicle tracking devices are made in 30 minutes.
You can get support for this service from our company's own field teams. If you wish your company park area or If you want, you can have a tracking device installed on your vehicles at our contracted assembly points
Vehicle tracking systems can be installed at the desired points of the vehicles. Only the vehicle tracking system should not contain any metal or parts that would slow down the attraction. In general, it can be mounted easily on the front dashboard of the vehicle.
Vehicles transmit data to the servers via the 24/7 vehicle tracking device in case of ignition on or off. This data transfer is done with the Data sim cards in each device. The data sent to the servers from the sim card is processed, enabling customers to track their vehicles through Web and Mobile applications.
Vehicle tracking system is to track the objects through the sim card in the device by obtaining location information via GPS.
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